1. In RL I set the VCR to record a show before we went to bed. I dreamt that in the morning I checked it, only to find it set on channel two. This meant that nothing got recorded. Even after I woke and realized it was only a dream, I was still convinced of its reality.

  2. There were strange sheep-shaped things running around outside the house - they were made of scraps of wood and old screws. They had no visible animating principle; in fact you could see right through them since the wood was just piled up any which way, as long as it formed a roughly sheep-like shape. I understood that these things were dead sheep, and at last I decided that I would go outside and get rid of them. So picked up a board and gave the nearest one a good whack. It didn't have any effect, so I heaved as hard as I could and gave another thump across its nose. I wasn't able to hold onto my board, and the wooden dead sheep started slowly toward me. I was backing up slowly, not wanting to panic or run, but I was moaning in my sleep, so the SO woke me.