I was visiting this town which was simultaneously Milan, Italy and the little New Jersey town in which I was born.

Well. There was this combination trolley/bicycle ride, and I was going somewhere with this couple and some very young guy who kept hugging me. Although the ride itself was wonderful, I was concerned whether this guy's affections were purely childlike (i.e., I was like a mother to him) or amorous. I was hoping for the former.

I was a member of a cult and watching a documentary about it on TV. Somehow I was within the thing I was seeing, so that I could walk through doorways, run around and see what was happening, even though the entire thing was a fiction and had nothing to do with the way things were in the actual cult.

The cult was very straight-laced, but the people in this documentary were all left-over hippies, drugged out, dressed in late-sixties styles, meditating, etc.

One guy seemed to be chanting AUM but was actually carrying a mechanical device like a gyroscope/pulley business that generated this LOUD hum. And that was good enough for him, as far as meditation was concerned.