Still unpacking after last weekend's move.

One of the women who used to live in this house is an old friend of my husband. They have this platonic thing happening which I cannot relate to, but so what. The main idea is that she is a horse's ass, but I cannot say anything bad about her. Anyway, she couldn't move her stuff out before we moved in, even though she was already sleeping in the new place.

I figured it would all be in her room, but no - it took up half the living room, and little doodads were here and there in her bedroom. I didn't say anything, because it would piss off the SO, but I pushed all the stuff in her room into one corner.

Well, then she said there was no storage space in her new house, and could she leave some things in our attic? The attic is very big, she said. And my SO said, oh yes, it's very big, go ahead and leave your things. And she said, it's just a few things. And I was very nice about it, too...

Until last night when I wanted to put some our our stuff in the damn attic and saw that she'd filled up the whole thing!