I'm a contractor; the company where I'm working has had a bad quarter and they want to save some money without laying anyone off, and they are asking contractors to stay home the week between Christmas and New Years.

My group will find out today after lunch whether we will have to take this time off.

While on one hand it will be nice to be home, on the other it is a very palpable hit on our budget.

This is not the first time a company has passed its difficulty onto me, and I am not able to pass this problem on to anyone else; I still have to pay my bills on time, buy groceries, pay rent, etc.

So I've decided that if they make us stay home, I will be looking for a new job that week.

In the past when a company has stuck it to me (and never personally, of course, it's a general thing), what I've always regretted was that I didn't react sooner. I could be making a mistake, but this time I'm looking for something better immediately.