At home with my three-year-old daughter. She was driving me crazy because I wanted so desperately to sleep. Then she said, "I want to get a video. I want some ice cream. I want to go to the lake." So I thought, what the hell. At least it would tire her out.

So we go to the video store. She immediately makes her selection. We go for the ice cream. She takes a multicolored popsicle. We are driving to the lake. She's very quiet. I ask, "How are you doing?" She replies in a serious voice, "Much better."

We take a new path down to the lake, and it turns out there's lots of star thistle, which hurts her ankles, so I lift her to my shoulders. It's so hot that her popsicle is dripping on my head. Someone tells me my hair is covered with blue. I wasn't going to swim, but now I have to.

Lots of people at the lake. Lots of fun. I come back tired, but not sleepy tired like before. It's the good tired that you get after physical activity.