There were hundreds of us. We were all gathered in the promenade. I had been working on my android, my life's work. She was perfect, there was nothing left to improve. She made people better; healthier, more actualized. And she was a charmer; her laugh could fill a room. Perfected. Completed. But I still worked on her, attempted to make her better, so that she could make me better. We made each other better. She would outlive me.

There were hundreds of us, gathered in the promenade. A woman had turned them against me, she was actually an old friend of mine. An abomination, she called it. Pervasive. She turned them all. They were uncertain, but they believed. Not in me, but in her. There was nothing I could do to convince them. I returned to my home and recanted what happened to the android. She comforted me. 

The next day, I returned to the promenade. The same woman was there, the old friend of mine. The same situation unfolded. I tried to change them, but they all screamed at me in judgement. I returned to my home and recanted what happened to the android. She comforted me.

Again, I returned to the promenade. And again, the same situation unfolded. The crowd rose against me, this time physically. They screamed, they threw garbage at me, rocks, anything. I could not reason with them, I could not make them see the good in what they saw as purely evil. I returned to my home, and the android was not as I left her.

She was broken. She could not heal me, she could not help me, she could not make me better. And, seeing that she was broken, I became broken too.



// The last person to write to this node before me is Bookreader and I rate their thing four stars out of five. I really enjoyed it. It might not be to everyone's taste, which is fine. I thought it was really clever.