What I learned

Serial fiction is a bad idea (for me at the very least). Going into IN, I thought to myself "I will simply write a SF episode every day." The first episode was garbage, way more rushed than I wanted it to be. I knew that if I tried to churn out episodes they would also be garbage. I'm considering nuking it and never coming back to it. Reviews and informational things tend to be the most well-received of my writeups, which I like. I very much enjoy noding them, probably more than I enjoy poetry. I really enjoy writing poetry, but it's a bit of a self-indulgent thing for a person to node I suppose. I've been meaning to write some horror stories, but I can't write anything that's not long-form. The last time I tried to write a "short story" it ended up being 18,000 words. 



Nameless was a garbage poem. It is there with him was a decent poem, but it was "autobiographical" (something I actually experienced before I was on meds), which is why I posted it unlisted/hidden from New Writeups. Anyway, none of my poems are all that well received, and I'm not particularly good at it. I don't have the mastery of the English language that classic writers had. I enjoy writing poetry, but I think I won't write much of it in the future. All poetry is subjective and I don't care enough about writing poetry to commit myself to those kinds of writeups.

I noded a few of my favorite medieval songs and helped make e2 marginally more complete as a database. I enjoyed writing my thoughts on Café Müller. I was beyond surprised that study Bible was not noded; study Bibles are rather common and well-known among Christian people, and at least one can be found in many households. Maybe it's just my regional subset of Christianity, who knows.

Many days I found it very difficult to come up with things to node; hence my noding of O virtus sapientiae and Flow, my tears (lachrimae pavane). Iroshizuku was also something I noded just to churn out content. I still spent the time and effort to make sure the nodes were excellent and something worth being proud of, but the topics themselves were simply the product of my running out of ideas. I was listening to both those songs when it occured to me to node them; I had a bottle of Iroshizuku on my desk when I decided to node it. Even study Bible; I had my Bible on my desk when it occured to me to node it. 

I was beyond disappointed when The Wizard and the Years didn't get a very positive rep. I am very, very proud of that one; I consider it my best writeup. I wish it at least got a couple of C!s. At least Zephronias chinged it. Thank you Zeph for your silent support. I plan on writing another writeup similar to it, maybe a sequel to it, but it probably won't be in the second-person. I think the second-person tidbit is what made it flop -- or maybe people just hated it. Who knows honestly.

There are a couple of things I would do differently. First of all, I would prepare a bit of material in advance. If not writeups, perhaps a big list or spreadsheet of topics I want to node. I would start a week before November, so that when November rolls around I have a bit of a grip on things. Secondly, I would try to go through IN without posting any daylogs, poetry, or opinions; just things that everyone could benefit from learning about.