A game played by overpaid and understimulated nerds in the middle of the night. The basic principle is that you race around in your office chairs. Normally, touching the floor is forbidden.

variations include

  • Capture the server
    The goal is to be the first person to reach the companys webserver. Warning: If the server is on a different floor, things could get very painful.
  • King of the hill
    The goal is to be the first to grab the boss' good office chair. Once you have done this, you get to keep it until everybody else has slammed into it, you start over. The player who has stayed the longest in the chair wins.
  • Last server standing
    The Goal is to tumble as many servers as possible. Each one counts as one frag. If the server needs to be rebooted afterwards, you get one bonus frag. If the hard disk breaks, one more frag.
Hint: Dont admit that you play this game to your co-workers unless you plan a career change.