Behemoth cruisers volley with nuclear munitions,
mainly to focus on the surgical incisions,
what happened with the glaciers of white,
they got removed only to replace the night,
water towering upon you with no more sun,
taking the mammoths out of glaciers as one,
nobody, no animal, no insect would want this,
smashing apart the stone cold solid of risk,
the scalping takes charge, it wins the competition,
two emotional knives cut through the mission,
tearing apart the alone world of a deep abyss,
the weapons are none, they cease to exist,
the grass, the insects, the once filled glaciers,
the sun, the moon, the black and blue craters,
its all dead now, none like the weapons,
scalpings and sickly talks of mass destruction,
this is the end of the world as they hear,
the ground has split the glaciers are near.