The Ten Commandments are considered by many as old-fashioned as a Commodore 64 computer in a technologically advanced Pentium III age. So what do we do with old-fashioned systems and concepts in such a day and age? Why, we modify them, of course.
1.)Have strong values for yourself. It doesn't matter who or what you believe in as long as the values associated with that belief are good, strong and solid, making you a better person in the end.

2.)Don't waste your time worshipping the almighty dollar, material possessions or success. Be somebody who knows what is right and is able defend it. Be somebody who knows the meaning of showing love for humanity and giving compassion to others.

3.)When you open your mouth, speak with intelligence and class. You'll get more attention by expressing what you have to say without cursing; that only announces to the world just how uneducated and low class you are.

4.)Set aside one day out of the week to do something that really matters. Go to church. If you aren't a church-goer, do something that makes life a little better for someone else. Play ball with a kid on your street. Visit your grandmother. Help a friend with homework. Tell your mom you love her. A simple act of care and kindness once a week goes a long way in the busy, selfish world we live in.

5.)Give your parents respect. As much as you may not like their rules and restrictions, they are only trying to guide you toward living a healthy, happy life. Remember that they are only trying to be good parents. Your respect lets them know how much you appreciate the things they have done to raise and nurture you.

6.)Don't do things that you know will hurt other people. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel having that act of cruelty or violence committed toward you.

7.)Be faithful to the good things you believe in and stick to these beliefs, no matter what it takes or how you may be put down and criticized by others. The more faithful you are to what you believe, the taller you stand in comparison to those who are far less faithful.

8.)Don't diminish yourself. Nobody likes a liar, cheater or someone who steals. You undermine your own ability to achieve great things in life when you do these things. Why choose to be less than you can be when you can be an honest, honorable person? Be a person with enough self respect not to steal.

9.)Be responsible for your actions. Don't hide from blame. A real man or woman admits when he or she is wrong and faces the consequences.

10.)Don't be jealous of what your friends have or try to diminish their accomplishments. You possess the ability and the personal freedom to dream your dreams and to achieve them in the same way they have. Why not challenge yourself to rise to even greater heights? It's your life, after all. Why not live it to the fullest in the best way that you know how?