So today I read Fight Club. I didn't see the movie (last year I tried to watch the movie but I'm a goddanm girl and I don't watch much in the way of moving pictures and I actually had to stop half way through because of the blood) today, I read the book.

It's all there. The dysfunctional American habit of blaming the victim, the achingly moderntimeless sense of alienation and hopeless disinfranchisment, it's fascism American style, emphasising the individual while sacrificing him for the terrible ends of a criminal, it's everything that's gone wrong with the world, and the world turned upside down. It was a rush the same way a punch in the nose is a rush. It is A Farewell to Arms it is On the Road it is modern America in all of the gritty fucked corners under the main stream and the aging dominant paradigm

to me anyway. This is all good news, because Chuck Palahniuk and Ralph Waldo Emerson have got to have a conversation about being a scholar in America by next Wednesday or else I'm screwed.

No pressure or anything. Just get Tyler Durden and Man on the Farm or perhaps Man thinking to have a reasonable chat, then analyse the use of scripture by two particular english renaissance writers. Oh yeah, and deal with Art history. I don't think anyone else at Wells College has even read Fight Club, and I thought I'd overheat if I didn't say something about it to someone somewhere.