So I grew up with the idea that the real sin committed in sodum and gamorah was not homosexuality, but a failure of hospitality. The town's people want to do really unpleasant things to Lot's guests, God gets upset. If only this meant that the bitchwad who threw me out of her house last night was going to get rained on with fire and brimstone. It's awkward, most of the time when I hear people say stupid things like "man this girl just went psycho on me and I didn't do anything" I'm always thinking, 'yeah, right. Must have been something'. I don't know what I did. I think my crime was sleeping in her ex-boyfriend's bed. Platonically. Because I didn't really have anywhere else to go. For about 4 or 5 days while homeless. I think that must have been it.

I come home last night after a late movie, and she's sitting in the living room with several other people, and the minute I walk in with my "date" Girl in Question starts spitting venom and fire. I'm pretty sure she was sober, which is unusual for her lately, but what ever. She starts going off about my being a terrible house guest. That's a real possibility, that I'm a terrible house guest. I said "could you be more specific?" I don't do subtltey much, and she knows that. We used to live together. For me to fix the problem she has to say something else. She keeps taking cheap shots at me like that, I'm like "Girl in Question, why don't you tell me what the hell I did hey? I have plenty of character flaws for you to make fun of with out making things up." She glares at me. So I get up to go for a walk. Did I mention that everyone else had left at this point due to the unpleasant atmosphere? Then I made the mistake. She was shouting at me as I left and I said,

"You act as though you're the only one who's ever suffered you stupid bitch!"

I said this because she's had an imensly hard life, and I sympathise, but nothing justifies attacking the person you most care about in the world with a knife, which she's done, or physically threatening and breaking the property of said person's love interests, drunk or sober. I'm not interested. Sure it's hard to be you sweetheart. That tendency has been bothering me a lot lately and I could just picture her defending this farce with this same excuse, although she generally doesn't defend her obnoxious behavior to me, ever.

Well that was it. I came home from my walk and she called the cops to try to get rid of me, but since the other person living there had invited me and since I wasn't creating a disturbance there was nothing the cops could do. The worst part was when my host got sick of the two of us arguing and got up to leave, she put her hand on his to stop him and said "Baby..." in this pathetic girly voice. That hurt. This wasn't about any bad house guest, it was about control. I watched my Host, who is generally determined and knows what's sane and what's not, shrink into that chair as though she had the power of life and death over him. And the fight was over. I left, at 5 am on one of the coldest nights in the time I've been staying in that city and her last words to me were "I don't care what happens to you go sleep in a ditch."

Girl in Question and I used to be friends, which was wierd for both of us, but lately I'd been talking smack about her about as much as she had me. I guess we were in competition, but I don't really know what for. I mean, we were definitely competing most of the time I was staying there, perhaps just for the attention of my Host. Apparently she had been against my staying with my friend from the first she heard of it, as had another house mate. I wish I'd been warned of that, but since I didn't think I had any other choice but to stay there I can understand my host's not telling me that he was the only one glad to see me.

I went to a friend's house at 5 am, and this friend was severely abused in high school by his girlfriend, and he believes that Girl in Question has basically conditioned my Host to do what she says, and to be affraid of her etc. She's knocked Host's teeth loose before in her wildness, and committed other similar violence quite publicly. Host doesn't talk about it.

My dilema now is that I'm furious with Girl in Question. Horribly horribly angry. The kind of person I would slap but shit spatters. But it wasn't until last night watching them interact that I became worried about Host. I am really worried about what she might be doing to him, but I think under the circumstances I'm the wrong person to do or say anything about it. Plenty of people like Girl in Question, and when you're on her good side she'd pretty cool I have to admit. I don't know if anyone else will do or say anything for Host, he comes off as someone who can always take care of himself. I'm still kind of concerned about what happened with Host and Girl in Question after I left. I haven't heard from either of them. All the other housemates are away traveling, and I guess one of them in particular is usually listening to their fights just enough to know if it's necessary to call the cops. (So far it never has been necessary.)

Well, fortunately Girl in Question waited until the night before I was to leave the city to go all psycho, and I have a few days to work out what to do and think.