oi. So last night it turned out I had an 'informal writing assignment' for English that was assigned during the class I missed, and I stayed up until 2:00 writing it because one of my favorite girls here came into my room to visit with a prospective student and we talked about the protest of the World Economic Forum and about protesting as a christianand about non violence and US foreign policy and stuff like that for a good hour after which my parents called and chatted me up and then this boy called from the middle of a sports riot and I told him to go away and call me on Wed, and before any of that happened another friend called from Washington state and it was so great to hear from him. I don't resent being connected it's just...

Now my back log of work is significantly increased. I just had time to do my writing assignment but I couldn't read for any of my other classe before passing out.

I have no time for everything!

I was planing to shower yesterday. And do laundry. How could this be any different from having a baby? My work never stops screaming in my ear-- in the shower, in the bathroom, while getting drunk with friends, on the bus/van, in the dining hall, in bed, in my sleep, it never goes away. Literary analysis. Synthesis. Music and politics.

I'm feeling a bit tweaked today due to lack of sleep. I came into German lit in my rabbit-chewed "Psycho" t-shirt drawing connections between the protagist of Biederman und die Brandstifter (see Max Frisch) and the members of the WEF, simultaneously appologising for not reading the text before I even sat down.

On Thursday I got into a car accident and I wrote what I thought was a very cohearant email about the whole thing which caused the recipient to absolutely panic and call me from work. I made some comment about being able to think, and there was silence on the line, like, 'you're in shock and you're not making any sense at all...' So why is it that after a minor car accident a person can be a total wreck but when you show up to class totally sleep-deprived and unwashed, clearly labeled, and chattering away about (among other things) Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses in German during the second week of classes and no one seems to mind?