Die Ärzte: "The Doctors"

A German "pop punk" band that's been around since about 1985, and still producing stuff. Consists of Rodrigo Gonzalez on Bass, Farin Urlaub on Guitar and Bela B. on Drums.

They have some silly songs about things like Madona's Large Intestine (Madonas Dickdarm 1) and some really cruel songs, like "Without You2" (as in, 'the world would be such a nice place...') or Quark, about someone who talks way too much. They also have some quasi-political stuff, like "Ewige Blumenkraft" (Eternal Flowerpower) or "Schrei Nach Liebe" which is about neo nazis.

Acording to their website, http://www.bademeister.com/, 'the best band in the world'. They are good, and prolific, but obviously also given to hyperbole.

1. Die Ärtzte are very, very German. On the occasion they pronounce English words, you can hear this strong accent. I have translated or explained the titles above with an eye for making the paragraph readable. All titles are in German.

2. "Ohne Dich" see 1.