Gee, I just had a good idea on how to get my E2 fix faster; use the Google cache. Unfortunately, searching for "Some observations on getting a girlfriend" didn't get me a link to the cache of the node, the mighty search engine was fooled, many times, by the title of that node appearing in the list of "Random Nodes". Trying to tackle E2 has also got the Googlebot into ist own tiny maze, full of sentence fragments that would make an insightful node title but no one has noded anything under it yet. Ha, EDB has eaten Google!

On other news, it's the 1st of July and the year is half gone. But "Its other half is still there." if you're a half-full-glass-of-water drinker. At the beginning of this year I made what's probably my first New Year's Resolution, sitting there alone in my room, Sex, Lies And Videotape paused on my computer screen, just before the firecrackers brought imagery of the war to the sky.

And now, the year is half gone, and I'm still a dumbass. Exams are coming up and I don't feel in any way prepared for them and I can't bring myself to study. I still owe my previous employers hours which they've paid for but I've never done. And the small project in my new job has taken 5 months already, much of it spent surfing because... because... I'm a lazy bum.

Here's another "From tomorrow I will work my ass off and achieve something!" commitment that I'll be breaking in record time.. Half a year to go!