The Tally
  • 2 broken Power Supply Units, one of them gone out with a bang.
  • 1 harddisk, gone with a Mission Impossible death
  • 1 harddisk, just stopped working
  • 1 DVD-ROM drive, which also exhausted plastic smoke and died.
  • 1 CD-burner which just blinks madly after this experience
  • 60 GB of data :(
  • A night of headache
  • which was bearable, considering I was occupied with
  • A few hours of tickle fight with a particular Member of the Opposite Sex

Computer parts were all over the place, the room smelled of melted silicon and plastic, my dorm neighbors and I were trying to figure out what happened to my just-last-week-I-was-marvelling-at-how-reliable-it-is computer, and she walked past, "Oh and what's going on here?", she asked and walked in.

She lives here too, have been since last November. A nice girl, a bit shy, and despite my bumbling uncertainty in regards to approaching her, we've become closer over time, but still not close enough to be significant.

Minutes, hours (?) passed. Both hard disks were dead. A hooked up old CD-ROM drive was still able to boot Knoppix, telling me at least the processor, motherboard, memory chips, and graphic card were okay.

One by one everyone went, except for her who stayed. I'm not even sure why. I sat there, still wondering what went wrong, how what first looked like a failure of the power supply ended up with the deaths of those connected to the IDE channel, leaving me still wanting to press the power button to see if the computer would run fine this time, but afraid of seeing yet more smoke.

There wasn't much entertainment with my computer being half-dead, so I sat there beside her on my bed. We talked, she went through the things laying on top of my scanner (which was then conviniently lying near my bed), through my disorganized euro coin collection.

So the night went, we idly chatted as we poked each other in our ticklish zones and relaxed between bouts of tickle attacks. Nothing more happened, but nothing more needed to happen.

But now the bumbling uncertainty returns. Was that all just platonic? How do I follow it up? How do I say "We should do that again sometimes" without sounding like I'm a freak? Or is it acceptable to say that? Maybe with my "Ha ha Only Serious" grin that always works...

I guess I shouldn't worry too much and just enjoy what happens.