Growing up in a highly religious household and attending religious schools (I have long since started to think for myself) I was intrigued by the existance of this site. What I thought I would find would be an intellectual response to simple apologetics. What I found was a lot of simple attack on Biblical literalism and simple ignorance of the contents of the Bible.

I am in no way a holy roller or a Bible thumper but this was just a terrible attempt to dispute the biblical record. Granted the site took a lot of effort to build but the majority of content is as much fluff as most Sunday hat wearing tract pushing Jesus freak will feed you.

The outright shock and horror that the Bible contains violence, sex, and intolerance shows a lack of understanding of the Bible. The misconception that God is sunshine and lollypops was brought about by the reactions of people to the fire and brimstone preachers of yesteryear and the need to maintain attendance at church(you draw more flies with shit than vinegar). According to the 'facts' as mentioned in the Bible: He is a holy and just God. Piss Him off and you will get pissed on. He doesn't report to a higher power, HE is the higher power. His Word is law even higher than the laws of thermodynamics.

This site will give me a lot of amusement to show to some old aquaintences but as for a real resource it has a LOT of work to go. If you hit a real theologian or bible scholar you'd better have a bit more than this site.