It's back. Yes MONDAY.
You hear it coming from the initial click of the alarm before the abrasive bleating.
You feel it creep up as your lovely and you cuddle for the few minutes of snooze the selfish clock gives you.
You see it in the corner of your eye as you scramble to find your socks/shoes/keys/wallet before you are too late for work.
You taste it in your flat Coke from McDonalds after they get your Number 5 with a medium Coke order wrong again.
You can smell it in the warm asphalt as the day is already HOT before 9AM.
And then...
You misery is completed by your project manager stopping by and saying "Thank god it's a weekday."

I wanna go home.

The weekend was filled with love, joy, sex, music and the random beating or two. Sitting outside till late smoking with friends just talking. Waking up between two beautiful women. Falling asleep in your girls arms only to wake with them wrapped tight around you. Skinny dipping in a COLD pool. Getting to know new friends.

Nothing would seem to take the high of the weekend away but wait.... here's Monday.

No my life isn't bad. I just hate work. Life is just too short to be in work.