Well here in the States July 4th is almost here. In the spirit of a patriotic citizen and a good father I spoke to my daughter about what happened in 1776.

Granted there is a lot there that a 5yo just won't understand but I felt it important that she learn how we became the United States. The conversation went something like this.

Me: Do you know what July 4th is?
Daughter: No

M: It's Independance day.
D: I know that.

M: Do you know what happend on that day?
D: No

M: Well there was a bad king.
D: Why?

M: Because he was mean.
D: Why?

M: Because he was greedy.
D: Why?

M: He wanted the peoples money.
D: Why?
(at this point frustration at the coversation begins to set in but I try to move the conversation along)

M: He was just mean ok?
D: Ok.

M: So the people wrote a letter to the king.
D: I know.

M: And you know what the letter to the king said?
D: He was greedy.

M: Yes he was but do you know what the letter said?
D: He was mean.

M: The letter said to the king SHOVE OFF!
D: Shove off?
(My wife is now about to snort soda out her nose)

M: Yep Shove off.
D: *laughs* thats FUNNY

Now the story that she tells is:
On indipedens day the people wrote a letter to the king and said SHOVE OFF!

I did make sure at school I told her teacher the story so that they can be prepared for a possible onslaught of kids saying shove off.