I slept in today and got into work late. Nobody complained. I can't figure out if it's good or bad. My mananger stopped by to tell me that I could take some training. If not for the company but for myself. I'm trying to greet everybody who comes to my cube with a smile so that they don't worry about the company after we just adjusted the finacials.
Many may think that this is a lot of bitching over something as small as a job but I've put in a lot of time and I really like the my peers here. We've done some pretty cool things and have shared a lot of experiences.

I told my daughter that I was sad about work. And she said you need a kiss. She's really scary smart because it made things better. She seems a bit less depressed today. I think she might miss her mother but I don't know. She might just be trying for attention.

Worked till late last night getting a web site up for a friend. My wife and I talked with her on the phone till past midnight she is really sweet. She was really surprised how easy it was.