After an amazing weekend, of hanging friends and going to a BDSM club for the first time(yes my wife and I are perverted) and having an almost no an actual religious epiphany and finding another piece of my puzzle of life, I came to work

There, a ton of bricks hits me. I realized that the company I am working for is going under. I have to get out. After working here for 6 years this month I will have to leave or risk my families well being.

Do I really want to?
No... It feels safe to stay and remain here. But the end is at hand and the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to make a sound like a train horn.

But I really had a good weekend. I feel so much more confident than I have ever in my whole life. I met people that I feel comfortable with and who don't reinforce guilt inside of myself. It was a very happy place. Seems strange to say that when you see people tied up and beaten.

I also finally told my ex-wife I am a swinger. I was worried she would freak and take our child away but as much as she was startled she seemed to accept it. Along with this conversation my wife offered to take my ex to an Adult Store to buy some toys. This was then followed with a rather interesting discussion about anal sex with my wife, ex-wife and myself. And comparisons of size entered the picture.

Yes my life is wacky and if it wasn't I think that I'd be bored. I may not fit the norm but I do have a few things that many 'normal' people are lacking.