Being on of the foolish ones that got married young (21) and surviving a four year marriage that I escaped from .

I got married for a few simple reasons.

Pretty stupid reasons. That I know now

Marriage is SO easy your parents are happy that you're getting married (most of the time) and your SO is so happy. It's the right thing to do. It shows you love them. Everything is great.

Why do people do it? Maybe they are too scared of being alone, they need to be wanted or there is a sense of duty. I'm not sure.

People should be required to go through a divorce before they are married. If I knew how tough it would be to get divorced I would have never gotten married the first time.

I've since re-married, happier by the day and just peachy. Am I trying to prove someone else wrong or do the right thing. I just have my soulmate and I'm happy. She lets me grow and love me and I know a lot more than I did then and I'm pretty sure its the right thing for me.