Today began pretty normal, waking up to alarm clock at 6:30, getting up at 6:45 (heh) getting to school by 7:10 so I can talk to my friends in the hallway till 7:18 when I walk to german class, have my daily talks of any obscure topic with my very cool teacher and my friends Oompa, Sang, Kim, Danny and Marcus (today's talk was food, then to hunting, then back to food, religion, food, porn, food, my teacher was hungry). Anyway, then I went to world history which was boring as usual, I aced a vocabulary test on the Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations. Now off to Health II, wow a sub today, I finished the work and talked to Oompa and Travis until suddenly the whole class breaks into an uproar, somebody had walked in talking about how hard it was snowing, at first I didn't believe anything I was told (there were no windows in the classroom I was in at the time). Well class proceeded as usual, they let out for lunch, and as I looked out the doorways of the school I saw nothing but a huge cloud of white, it was actually snowing, for the first time since 1999 it was snowing. I immediately got excited and Oompa, Travis and I walked to the courtyard next to the cafeteria and just stood enjoying the snow, snowballs were thrown and lunch was great. Towards the end of lunch one of our assistant principals got hit straight in the head by a snowball and he immediately started yelling at us all to walk back inside. As lunch ended we were anxiously anticipating the call for school to let out early today, but as time went on our hopes diminished. Finally by 1:05 over the PA we heard that school will be let out, however we didn't get out until 1:30 (my school gets out normally at 2:05) I was horribly mad, wow I big 30 extra minutes, thats just enough time for me to get to work early, yay! So, Adam dropped me off at work as always...and I got the pleasure of working an extra 30 minutes....sarcasm is intended. Oh well....perhaps today was a lesson to tell me that use your first instinct, and never change it, today began feeling like a normal day, and just when i thought maybe today would be different, maybe today would be a nice snow day I realize that today was jsut another regular boring school day...just with some snow, yay. Oh well maybe the roads will freeze over tonight and school will be cancelled tomorrow...maybe monkies will fly out of my ass.