Most of us have seen the classic representation of aliens as short (or tall), slender, gray (ok I've seen green and purple variants), big headed, big black eyes, hairless, fingernail-less, and lacking sex organs. For this writeup I'll be referring to that type of alien, this way when I start to completely BS my 'logic' will be a little more convincing. Well now that I've straightened out what kind of alien I keep referring to, onto the reasons why I think that humans evolve into that type of alien.

Well there are a couple of reasons how I came to this 'conclusion', I first wondered where did this description of alien come from, did somebody just make it up, by taking humans as a basis and evolving them into this being the same methods I'm gonna show in a minute? or did someone actually see an alien like this on Earth? (*really* doubtful but if the latter is true then it really does raise tons of questions to the origin of both humans and these aliens). I've heard that this alien description was said to have come from a sighting of the aliens that landed in Roswell, NM but I'm not really sure about this. No matter where the alien idea came from it is used in a lot in tons of different SCI-FI movies/shows/books. Once I stopped wondering about how this idea of what aliens may look like came about I started wondering why they are thought to look like what they do (again this is really perplexing if this idea came from an actual sighting, which I don't really think is plausible, in fact it's almost crazy) and I came to the conclusion that aliens must have evolved from current human physiology. As a race we're slowly moving towards relying on technology and brains instead of muscles to do our dirty work, aliens (being the older race they're presumed to be) have already made the full transition from muscles to brains, making them considerably different than us, but can still logically be traced back to humanity. Here it is:
  • Aliens have larger craniums
    Obviously this has to do with increased brain activity, due to the reliance on technology, hey the brain is like any other muscle the more you excersize it the stronger it gets, perhaps the larger skull is to accomodate the larger brain from the millenia of heavy brain use.
  • Aliens have large eyes
    As Cletus the Foetus pointed out, children of fallout survivors tend to have larger, black, elongated, almond-shaped eyes. So infer what you will about that (maybe this alien race have had their share of nuclear wars...scary stuff). This also says that maybe a few of the other alien to human differences may have been from radiation and such. (Thanks Cletus the Foetus for pointing all this out)
  • Aliens have slender bodies
    This is also obvious because of the decreased physical use due to reliance on technology the alien bodies would understandably lose the muscle mass we enjoy today.
  • Aliens have no fingernails
    The reason aliens wouldn't have fingernails is because fingernails, in humans are thought to be the remnants of claws. Claws or not they were used as a protective device against potential threats, since aliens are supposed to be so far advanced technologically they would have no use for such physical matters. This means they would evolve past having fingernails.
  • Aliens are hairless
    Well hair on humans is there for two reasons:
    1) It keeps us warm
    2) In caveman times it was used to scare away potential threats(when we get goosebumps our hair stands on end, imagine having about 4-5" of that standing on end all over your body)
    Since these aliens are obviously more advanced and older as a race they've gotten used to having climate control and therefore don't need hair to stay warm, and like the fingernails issue they don't need hair as a defense mechanism, either.
  • Aliens have no sex organs
    With all the breakthroughs in the Human Genome Project it makes me wonder where we're all headed as a race, and perhaps the lack of sex organs in this advanced alien race suggests that they rely solely on genetics to procreate instead of the fun way. Obviously sex as a pleasurable past-time will never get old and die so I doubt we'd ever evolve into not having sex organs...and ofcourse because of the moral issues, hopefully, we'll never end up making test tube babies to that degree.
If there are really aliens somewhere out there that fit the description I see in so many movies it'll make me think twice about the origins of just about everything...

Well there you have it...obviously the biggest load of crap you've ever read but for SCI-FI buffs like myself it was probabally a fun read, right?