I think a lot of you people, whoever you are, don’t know about my whole moth predicament and how they never leave me alone. They're always lurking around somewhere, waiting to freak the piss out of me.

Anyway, so, tonight it's pretty late. Since I can't sleep, I'm instead sitting at the computer, "programming" this java homework. Everything's going great, really, until I hear this little crinkling sound. Maybe more of a buzz than a crinkle, I've never been so good with onomatopoeia. But it's this strange sound. And the first thing that comes to my mind is The Langoliers, by Stephen King—where these horrible creatures can be heard in the far off distance, and are described as sounding like Rice Krispies in milk, except for the fact that it is a much more menacing sound than your average breakfast cereal. Yes. That is exactly the sound I heard, and it was coming closer. I almost thought I had fallen asleep or something, because when you're sitting in the middle of a dark room with only the light of a computer monitor to see by, things get pretty scary.

Stop getting off track, you dumbass. Okay, sorry,

So anyhow, we've got this sound, this menacing Rice Krispies sound, coming my way. I sort of get up out of my chair, halfway, to turn on another light, when OUT OF NOWHERE this GIANT MOTH (actually it was fairly little, but oh, it was scary) hurtles out from behind my left computer speaker and RIGHT INTO MY FACE. Now, it's been a while since I've seen a moth here in my room, so this scares the hell out of me. It really does ... because there's something to be said about moths, and it is simply that they are not creatures of this earth. They're alien, I swear it.

So this one kept fluttering around for a while longer, kamikaze-ing itself into the computer screen, and I just kept sitting there in pure terror. Pure terror that if I go to sleep, this moth will somehow call out to his other moth friends, and they'll come to attack. Right now the moth appears to be resting next to the pencil sharpener. But I know better. I know that moths do not "rest." They "plot."