Lundi Soir sans Coeur

I dazedly shuffle down this street
For once and forever acutely aware
Of how alone and helpless we are.
Take my seat in the diner, same soul
Firmly rooted to this dry soulless ground, [5]
Hoping one will take a seat adjacent
And say ``I shall save you from this life'';
Waiting for one to listen, but knowing
No one ever will. I cannot replace
Or paint over this heart excised. [10]
Bleed out drop by drop by drop
From a wound I caused myself.
Weave the moonlight in your hair . . . .
O girl who has wept too long, and
Only now learns how not to weep, [15]
Pluck out the ember that caused
Your pain, and rub me into ash.
I have been too greedy.

-- Neil Moore

That would be the Tolly-Ho, Lexington, Kentucky, where I once spent too much but not enough of my life.
A particular one, or anyone. Depends on my mood.
cf. Eliot, `La Figlia che Piange'.