The betties, to put it lightly, rock. They used to be kind of grunge pop (whatever that means); now they are less grunge, and arguably less pop. Their newest album, Private Suit, has many more instruments than their previous albums (lots of strings, the occasional marimba, etc.).

Current members of Bettie Serveert are Carol Van Dyk (that's how she's listed on the latest album; before, it was Carol van Dijk), on vocals and (usually rhythm) guitar; Herman Bunkoeke, bassist; Peter Visser, lead guitar; and Reinier Veldman, drums. Berend Dubbe used to play drums, but he left before Private Suit, over `musical differences'.

Their albums include:

Most people think Palomine is the best, but I personally like Lamprey and Dust Bunnies.

If you were wondering, the `Bettie' in `Bettie Serveert' is Bettie Stove. ``Bettie Serveert'' (tr. ``Bettie Serves'') was a television show about tennis. Or something like that.