You only live once, since it can not be scientifically proven that there is an afterlife, one could assume that when they die there is nothing left to experience.

Go shoplift something once. Eat your roomates ham sandwich in the fridge. Try LSD once. Go backpacking through the mountains. Lay out in the sun no matter how well you tan or burn. Go to that afterhours party with the hookers and cocaine and alcohol even though you have to sit in your tiny cubicle at your boring, meaningless job the next day at 8:00 am. Find a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other and fall in love with him/her. Then cheat on him/her. Then get cheated on. Then get dumped. Or dump them instead. Tell somebody you love them. Tell somebody you hate them. Go for a midnight ride the next full moon. Spend an hour organizing your album collection, then another hour listening to them and messing it all up again. Tell that roomate of yours that you want to murder that he is kicked out.

The point of all this is, no matter how good or bad you may feel, the moment will be gone. Those of us that are still young we are fortunate to have a little more time to experience these things. Those of us that are old should look back on their life just once and see if they've done everything no matter how trivial or meaningless it may seem, that they want to do. Even if it is a bad experience.

You only live once.