"Tom Cruise is gay," my professor in Understanding Radio, TV, and Motion Pictures (Communications 101) told us.

The students, especially the girls, cried foul. "How do you know?!" they ask.

"I know his agent in Los Angeles. It's well-known within the industry."

The students, still questioning, shot back with, "So, how come more of the press, beyond the tabloids, doesn't cover it?"

"Who controls the major media outlets? Besides, look at your own reactions to this news. Do you think people would see his movies if they knew this? Tom Cruise has sued some of the major tabloids to keep this information from getting out." She did not blink, did not bat an eye. There was no indication that she could be lying.

Some of the students still questioned how she could have such close connections to Mr. Cruise, "How do you know his agent?"

"It's what happens when you live in LA and work in the acting schools for eight years. Now on to styles of acting."

The students were really depressed now, "Aww, now we have to learn again?!"