I'm starting to think that a lot of E2 editors are pretty much just assholes that don't like me.

That, and the entire issue of me being single is getting me really depressed, piled on top of the fact that college is really sucking right now.

I'm also really upset that my Reason that "36 hours of coding" is a Bad Thing(TM) has mysteriously, without a trace, disappeared(I'd provide a link to it, but that'd be pretty pointless as it doesn't exist anymore.) I have no idea what happened to it. It isn't even in Node Heaven.

All in all, I'm starting to take a pretty pessimistic view of the world.

And if, for some reason, this node gets deleted, I'll have no doubt that the E2 editors are assholes. This is the Day Logs. There should be no reason this should get deleted.

Here's the thing, I'm having a bad month and some of the e2 editors aren't helping. Notice that I did not say all. Certainly, there are some that have been very helpful. All I'm doing is expressing my opinion about a number of them, not all of them.

Also, I can tell when a Day log is directed at me. I'm not an ass.

Also, I don't need any comments about my own opinion.

That must be it! Many of the E2 editors must think I'm a XP Whore! Many well intentioned nodes, I'm sure, got down voted for this reason. Well, I'm willing to forgive, but let me think about it for a while.