Small university town in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Home of Rhodes University, and not much else really. It is also home of the South African National Arts Festival, held in June holidays. 150 kilometers from Port Elizabeth.

It's surrounded by some beautiful natural land, and has absolutely amazing skies (sunset play on clouds, and so forth). The weather tends to toss it up a lot; the locals tend to complain in jest over multiple seasons in a day. Mostly dry and hot during summer, and occasional respite with heavy rains for a short period in midwinter. Light rains all year round. But no surprises when suddenly it pours for 2 weeks straight during midsummer.

Good places to eat include 137 (High Street) for breakfasts and lunches and La Galleria for lunches and suppers (great Italian fare). Good places to go out are the Pop Art (more rave-directed) and CJs (Cecil John's, from Cecil John Rhodes, slightly more rock/pop) - both have mostly students during term times.