A boring, small Alaskan town located in Prince William Sound. According to a waitress at the local restaurant(as of Dec. 2000), it has no more than 170 year-round occupants, but easily 300 in the summer. It also apparently has annual snowfalls in the area of 36-39 feet.

The most interesting aspect of Whittier, however, is the fact that essentially the whole town lives in one building, dubbed the Begich Towers(the Begich family is quite wealthy and members of it have held Alaskan political offices at various points in the past). You see, the military made use of Whittier in the 40s(according to http://www.inalaska.com/d/whittier/history.html), and built several large buildings there. Since they all live in one concrete building that has the aesthetics of a Soviet housing block, the town is rather bleak-looking.

Even worse, Whittier was only accessible by train until the summer of '2000, when the Whittier Tunnel officially opened. Now it is accessible from the Seward Highway, but only at certain times.