Tokyo Trip Scrapbook

Current Location: sitting in the small conference room of VA Linux Systems Japan offices, on the 30th floor of the Sumitomo building in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. My point people are Tetsuro Yogo and Taku Yasui.

Tetsuro Yogo

  • Appearance -- black dress slacks and khaki dress shirt. thin Wire rimmed glasses, short schlacked hairstyle
  • Language -- fluent engrish
  • Accesories -- Mild Seven Smokes, business card case, holder of the meeting outline which dictates our schedule for this trip

Taku Yasui

  • Appearance -- debian T-shirt, Beatle-length hairstyle, Jeans
  • Accesories -- mini-laptop with Slashdot sticker on the back, which he never looks up from
  • Language -- Taku speaks almost no english, but the language barrier is almost non-existent as long as the conversation doesn't stray from technical terms. He's a smart cookie -- he's pretty much set up all of's sites, done Japanese char conversion and maintained all these sites on his own.

Tally of the products consumed in the last 36 hours:

  • Henri Wintermans Cafe Creme Cigarillos: 16
  • Kirin Blue Rose pre-sweetened Iced Teas: 5
  • Kirin Fire Expresso coffee cans: 7
  • Sapporo and Akashi beers: 7
  • Sushimi pieces: 24-ish

Japanese Phrases learned (pathetic)

I read this morning that VA Software's stock was up 37.80% to $1.13. This was on the heels of announcement with a new 'significant' partnership with IBM. ("significant" quotes compliments of

Jeff ordered Coffee, Bacon, and Croisannts for us this morning from room service, a short, petite Japanese woman brought the food in, and while taking the cover off the food accidentally tipped a glass of water on the floor -- she was quite upset and acted humiliated and apologized profusely.


I've been really slacking on my Sourceforge tickets. Really. Almost 100, and I haven't really touched them in 3 weeks. Been too frantic shoehorning our Sourceforge database into DB2 so VA could get their press release. On the plus side, I fixed the editor nodenotes as per dannye's request. It took about 15 minutes and was amazingly relaxing -- coding in Everything is like going home and speaking the mother tongue.

Went drinking last night with Jeff, Hormes, and Alex -- Hormes and Alex are both programmers and several times in the conversation other coders names came up, with their primary virtue being how much code they have/could produce. I'm starting to disagree with that view, but perhaps is because the nature of my work has changed more from pure feature development to meatball surgery on the patchwork monster.

Meeting's over. See you tonight, Everything2