Houston...beauty spread along lengthy stretches of freeway. long drives are necessary to get you almost anywhere, but why would you want to go anywhere but downtown? where else are patriotically impacting buildings mixed with luxurious parks and ancient houses?

next door to the historic park is the metropolis: industrial haven identified by aching sky scrapers that beg for you to wash their windows...a few side streets with nothing less than terribly interesting views bring you to the gorgeous museum district, a place this certain someone no one knows or loves calls home.

i'll never forget the night someone put pounds of BIZ detergent in the cancer memorial fountain next to Herman Park...driving by we were forced to stop and take part in the dancing with the wind, the bubbles rising high above our heads and over the streets up into the trees and sky...

you could pass it for bigger, colder cities where everyone rushes along covetting a birds eye view of what they want, but i may never leave.