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[natasha 5|I] couldn't help but add [one last incident] to this very long list. This happened to a [lost at sea|friend of mine] but involved me, during our last year of high school (his senior and my junior/senior year..i didn't have a senior year.)

One evening we were talking on the phone, we were both on portable but not [cellular phones], in our respective houses. Caleb was in his living room, and kept peeking through the blinds out onto [the museum district|the street outside]. The topic of discussion was the cop car that had been parked outside his home for about 4 hours. There was an officer inside, [not doing anything] we could fathom. When talk and [would make a good band name|speculation] got old, we began discussing [the point regimen for killing people]. This is a game we often played in high school...for example. Kids are 10 points, adults 20 points. [If the person is over weight it's an added 5-10 points], depending on the [what is grimace, anyway?|comic nature] of the person and just generally how they look. If they're moving, depending on mode of transportation, you add 10-20 points. Back to the [god wears velour|main idea]...

About a week after this random, non-specific conversation that for us blended into a series of like conversations between ourselves and others, Caleb got called into his AP's office. This is an [national honor society|honor student], high above average and very, very non confrontational. The only other time he had been sent to the AP was when he refused to say [the Pledge of Alligence], a fight he (rightly) won in the end. The thing is, Caleb is one of the few and proud actual [punk rock kids] that made it out to the small town of [houston, tx|Magnolia, TX]. His long, spikey hair, septum [piercing], bright and often [indie rock|musical] clothing, and soft, laid-back manor were just a bit too uncommon for comfort...Thus making him bad in the eyes of [damn the man|the administration]. Whatever.

So I was interested in why [as if the last 10 years meant nothing|my closest friend] spent close to an hour in the AP's office. It turned out, comically, that the cop sitting outside his house had been monitoring our phone call. ([is that legal?]?!?!?!?) and they were concerned with this "[killing people for points]" discussion we had been having. Did I get called in? No...probably because my parents were prominent in the small town scene and I was like Caleb, just less obtrusive (I guess...) I didn't have any [facial piercings], but I got my own amount of strange looks. [Everyone seemed to think] I was this [uppity women|feminist-activist] really smart weird girl. Whatever...this wasn't a really accurate opinion. Anyway, we found this really funny. Yes, it infringed on our rights, but they couldn't punish us for something totally unrelated to [high school|school] and probably illegal that they had done. And I was never spoken to about it, so who knows where it would have gone had Caleb been [the riotous type]...