The Big Blue Bus is the public transportation conveyance of choice for Santa Monica and vicinity. It is so named for its characteristic blue color, hue ranging from darkish to very light. The friendly name is echoed by the slightly rounded outlines, similar to that of the Washington, D.C. Metrobus.

According to advertisements located inside it, it is the #1 rated bus system in the United States. This statement, by my subjective evaluation, is entirely justified--the entire system is handicapped accessible, features bicycle racks, and has fairly well-stocked schedule displays.

Its service area covers the entirety of Santa Monica and a good chunk of Los Angeles proper, bounding Westwood in the north, LAX in the south, and Rimpau Blvd. in the east (service to Downtown is available via the Line 10 Express). In general, the lines converge in Santa Monica, usually near the Third Street Promenade. There are a total of 14 lines (10, as mentioned before, being the express; it is much more expensive).

The greatest feature of the Big Blue Bus is its price. Santa Monica's taxpayer base of wealthy liberals has produced a public transportation system of great quality at incredible prices, vid. these rates:

  • Regular/Adult Fare: $0.75
  • Disabled and Senior: $0.25
  • Regular (with Little Blue Card {see below}): $0.70
  • Student Little Blue Card: $0.25
  • College Card: $0.40
The Little Blue Card is a standard Metrocard (usable with any Metrocard system). It is available in any of the four Santa Monica Public Libraries, as well as in several random places. As you can see, the value that it provides is unmatched, even by the much lower-quality municipal buses of Los Angeles (though these do cover a much greater area). These prices can be compared to $1.50 for a bus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or over $1 for an inferior bus in DC.

Some drawbacks of this bus system include patchiness of service away from Santa Monica, their rather unpredictable arrival time, and the apparent quick shuffling of drivers between routes.

The Big Blue Bus may be reached at or