I rolled into town with the break of dawn. Had breakfast in some little diner, grease and caffeine to get the blood pumping. Packed a suitcase full of pamphlets and coupons and hit the sidewalks by 8 AM. This was going to be a long day, but I love this work. Nothing gets the blood pumping like making a sale.

Door-to-door for a few good hours, giving housewives the same spiel. "Hello, my name is Sam Watson, and I reperesent Global Products Industries. I'm here to talk to you about a new product we've developed, a little something we like to call Freedom. Perhaps you've seen our ad in Lady's Home Journal?"

It ususally goes over pretty well. Freedom's been racking up some impressive sales this last quarter, and I couldn't be any happier. My commission's been even fatter lately than when we rolled out Justice and Human Dignity. What can I say, Freedom sells.

I'd like to buy whatever boy back in R&D thought the whole idea of selling intangible ideas a beer or two. Pure genius. They're lapping it up out here, Freedom on the installment plan. We offer four different payment schemes, from the annual lump sum to the month-by-month subscription. A free month trial of Freedom, and no obligation if your life doesn't improve once you try our product. They did try to raise a stink down at the patent office, but our legal team's top-notch, and nobody had ever thought of it before.

Yeah, I'll tell you, if you're looking for a sweet job, you could do a lot worse than freedom-mongering.

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