A post-modern hero for our times. Leader of a militia force in war-torn Liberia loyal to the ethnic Krahn tribe. His force is known, appropriately enough, as the Butt Naked Brigade.

Some explanation is perhaps in order. In Liberia, local animist beliefs hold that if a warrior dresses outlandishly enough, he will be protected from the blows of his enemies. It's a common site in Liberia to see local militia members and guerilla fighters dressed in imported Western Halloween costumes and even full dress ball gowns, and toting AK-47s. General Butt Naked simply took this practice to its logical extreme, and leads a force of crack troops into combat dressed in nothing but automatic weapons and the altogether.

General Butt Naked and his Butt Naked Brigade are now one of the most respected fighting units in Liberia, and now even have an official, half-joking, half-serious fan club among the foreign press corps stationed in Liberia.

As Dave Barry might say, I swear to God I am not making this up.

jetifi passed on this link to an old press release on the General's exploits to me: http://vikingphoenix.com/news/stn/1997/pirn9753.htm