or: HOWTO make your very own little boy!

The standard ingredients:

 Snips (alt. Snakes)

From the Snakes reference, I think this would represent the phallus. Snips might either be a circumcision or hair cutting reference (since the archetypal little boy has properly masculine short hair).


Snails represent the unabashed nature of little boys concerning mud, slime, snot, other body excretions, and general dirtiness.

 Puppy Dog Tails

What do puppy dog tails invariably do? Wag! This trait represents endless energy and happiness.

So Snips + Snails + Tails = Standard Little Boy

Ah, but what happens when we start using substitutes? Instead of the Standard Little Boy, you could make:

Silicate + Snails + Caffeine = Coder

Snips + Snails + Black Lipstick = Goth

Wool + Snips + Tails = Prep

Bible + Snips + Tails = Hardcore Christian

Snakes + Whip + Tails = BDSM Porn Star

Manga + Snails + Tails = Otaku

d20 + Snails + Tails = RPGamer

/msg me with your recipes

With a diabolical flush, Mojo Jojo created the Rowdy Ruff Boys by mixing the basic ingredients and the water in his jail cell toilet.