There's a solution to the limit of the field length of the Create node form, quite dirty, but it works. And I know the majority of you know it already, but let me make my point:

Just go to one of your writeups and make a link with the title of the node you want to create.

Submit the writeup and follow the link.

When confronted with the Findings: or Nothing Found page, just use the Of course, I could let you create a new "I don’t understand why is so hard to create nodes with titles that exceed the 100 character limit. Don’t you know what Bill Gates said about 640 Kb being all the RAM you'll ever need?" node... link.

Don't forget to delete the link you used to create your gigantic node title.

I suppose this pain is the price you have to pay for creating nodes with titles that are too long.

100 characters should be enough for everyone