Palomino is also a character of the late night show "La Cosa Nostra". The authentic Palomino (Bernardo Cortés) was a poet, a modern bard that used to sing around the tables of the popular restaurants in the beach of "La Barceloneta", a barrio not very different from Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, (maybe with less electronics shops, but the same number of restaurants).

I remember being a child, eating a paella with my parents and seeing Palomino swinging between the tables, wearing a beige suit, Ray-Ban police like sunglasses and his Spanish guitar. He wasn't a particularly good singer, but he was able to improvise a song about anything!

His TV alter ego, played by Oriol Grau, also sings and he's the master of late night edutainment, where he "lectures" with funny explanations of hot topics aided with a white board and a pair of giant prosthetic ears.