This is my last day at Zeta Digital, a large web portal that is the digital spin off of a larger media group (Grupo Zeta).

I am returning to home, to work as a freelancer. Corporations suck (see Advice for a geek in a pool full of sharks for a better understanding of my experience here), and I don’t feel like waiting here for my voice to be heard. Of course I have a lot of things to do, so money won’t be the problem, although now I have to go out for it, instead of just waiting for the check to come at the end of the month.

Anyway, the future is bright, I am going to work in projects that need some amount of my preferred activities: writing, teaching and R&D, and among those projects, there are a website (antipasta, inspired in adbusters), the Spanish Everything Project, and perhaps (or instead of), the Catalan Everything Project (Kurtz has the last word about this).

I’m glad this site is responsible for some of the decisions and directions my life is about to follow, because it has expanded my hopes of what we can do with the net.

So I am happy and I just wanted to share this moment with Everything/everyone.