On Homeworld graphics

Homeworld has the most beautiful graphics that I have ever seen in a space combat videogame. The design of the ships, the numerous special effects, the textures… it is a unique visual experience. Even the calculated 3D renders that we still see opening some games pale in comparison to the prodigious 3D engine of Homeworld.

This game has the rare quality to captivate to the player with its graphics and can leave you absorbed, forgetting everything, and simply contemplating the game. Homeworld is made of a compound of small details that often invite to forget the mission and enjoy the landscape (spacescape should be more accurate). Maybe for that reason has been equipped with a mission recorder, and after completing (or failing) the mission, you can enjoy it again without the hassle of all the action from the game, to review it as if it were a movie.

The animations and movements of the units, the way the camera moves around the space, the vast scope of the scenery, make Homeworld the most elegant 3D game to date. There are many little things, as when ships manoeuvre to dock, the detail put in the moving turrets, the missile launchers, the research ship construction, everything has its function, besides to astonish and to contribute to atmosphere of the game.