Tonight I have dreamed again about her.
I was in the outskirts of the city, I knew it because of the great avenues illuminated by phosphorus amber lights, and the stream of cars that went to the entrails of a dark tunnel.
I had already seen a cab when suddenly, I saw a firetruck full of beautiful young people . The faces passed by in slow motion, half a meter of me. Then I saw her. Her expression was of tiredness. We saw each other and we extended our hands, in a second we went from the resignation of loosing the moment to stopping the time, to freezing the dream around us.
She came next to me, with sadness in her face. We touched ourselves knowing that we had to separate, that the encounter was not possible.
Kisses at the end of the skin, neck and a terrible sadness.

I am not going to continue with this dream, because I am not sure of what happened afterwards. I just know that I have waken up with the desire to write a low node.