There's a wall in front of me. It's a gigantic graffiti with a painting of the directory structure of The wall (or is a big curtain?) ripples as if moved by the wind. Folders open and files move around.

I know this is a soft nightmare, caused by a hot August night, because it produces some sort of incommodity, without being too distressing.

It seems that I am not physically in this dream; this happens often when I dream about highly logic things like computing, which I dream about often. Soon I am immersed in this indeterministic ftp, trying to figure out the folder I need to download, seeing folders as they change of name, and the files disappearing. I can't understand the file structure of this site...

I wake up and still sleepy, I seat in front of the computer. The ftp is still downloading the whole contents of 800 MB downloaded, and still two or three directories left. I look at the screen and everything seems normal, I take a shower and go to work. I'll check the files tonight... and maybe I'll dream again.