10:00 CET

This is the second day of the Campus Party 2000, a gathering of 2.000 computer aficionados. They travel with their PC or Mac (in fact, I am writing this from a G4 in the Mac Zone) and spend a week playing, learning and socializing in a gigantic hall (100 m long and 50 m wide).

Some people have spent all night awake, some are still in the camp area, and some are still in the place where they crashed last night: sleeping over the keyboard, under the table, etc.

I am not a participant, I am here as a journo, so it's OK for me to go around asking people: where are you from?, why you play Quake 3 Arena without textures? (I knew this, I am the father Quake), is this the Debian Potato distribution?, why do you think that they are so few girls?, etc

It is a joy to be around so many people with so many things in common.