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<naked_ape> goooood night ;-)

So here I am again in the IRC, trying to expand my E2 experience. Conversation goes from “last cigarette” to “cars that shack back and forth when you go forward”. Things start to get boring when I decide to ask something innocent:

<naked_ape> are you logged to E2 as well?

Then, it happens.

<Snorker> what’s E2?
<burnboy> what?
<burnboy> Snorker: you joking?
<Snorker> no
<naked_ape> Ack! You lost experience!
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As I am logged to E2, I make a search for Snorker

<naked_ape> Sorry, but nothing matching "Snorker" was found
<naked_ape> Of course, I could let you create a new "Snorker" node...

Snorker strikes back…

<Snorker> who knows I’ve never been here before
<Snorker> what is it LOL
* burnboy is away, mowing the FUCKING yard log:OFF
Then kanon enters the conversation, saying loud what many of us think: is Snorker an everythingian trying to pull our legs?

<kanon> he's kidding right?
<Snorker> nope not me
<kanon> whatever
* naked_ape returns from feeding the cats and Snorker continues to amaze the channel...
<Snorker> hahahaha gee thanks
<naked_ape> We urge you to visit E2... you'll be then TRULY amazed!
<Snorker> Im looking
OUCH!, the misinterpretation begins…

* kanon thinks Snorker is less than genuine
* naked_ape waits...
<Snorker> genuine what?
* kanon thinks Snorker is less than... truthful

A brief pause for another misinterpretation :-)

<CaptainSpam> Huh... Seems @Home won't let more than one computer on the internet at the same time through one network hub.
<CaptainSpam> Not even if they all have different IP’s.
<naked_ape> captain, how many units you have sent so far?
<CaptainSpam> units? Hm?
<naked_ape> are you talking about Seti@Home?
<CaptainSpam> No, no, the @Home Network. You know... shitty Cable Modem service?
<CaptainSpam> Becoming more like AOL every day?
The Skornergate continues…

<Snorker> whats wrong kanon?
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<kanon> uh...i don't know you seem fake somehow
<Snorker> fake about what?
<kanon> faking the whole e2 thing
<Snorker> Well I’ve never seen the site before… what’s so important about it?
<naked_ape> Snorker: could I ask you how did you know about this channel? (hehe, sounds like questioning!)
<kanon> its odd that you'd be here
<CaptainSpam> What's so important about E2?
<kanon> and have no clue

And here comes the man with the truth, always so… convincing. Who wouldn’t enter a channel called #everything?

<Snorker> well I typed /list and this was one of the channels… easy
<CaptainSpam> Why, it's all important!
<kanon> nothing's important it just strikes me as odd
<naked_ape> WOW, then you arrived here by chance! That's great!
<herbman> heh. why?

kanon starts to realize…

<kanon> if I offend I ask forgiveness but I'm just a little jaded
<herbman> because we got a random visitor? :)
<Snorker> well explain it to me instead of saying I’m some sort of intruder… cause its all new to me
<herbman> Snorker, relax.
<kanon> sorry sorry
<herbman> Snorker, people just get worked up too easily
<kanon> didn't mean to frighten

Finally, everything starts to become clear…

<herbman> welcome to the channel
<herbman> we're glad to have visitors
<CaptainSpam> check it out.
<herbman> this is a discussion channel formed by members of everything, which is located at
<herbman> its a huge cross-linked database of true hypertext.
<herbman> created by Blockstackers, Inc.
<Snorker> Thanks herbman
<CaptainSpam> Or, that's the old one.
<kanon> tis amazing
<herbman> just explore around a little.. you'll understand soon enough
<naked_ape> identity is an important concept of Everything
<herbman> if you make an account, you can create a home node, so that you can start to make writeups
<naked_ape> that's why we were, err, suspicious
<Snorker> well don’tt worry I’m a old braindead druggie LOL
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<naked_ape> that's perfect for Everything, everyone is for Everything. But this is no sect, eh?
<Snorker> somebody told me slashnet is some hackers site or something... sounds good to me
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Then comes a bit more about @Home, DSL, permanents IP’s, CaptainSpam’s 404 pages in his website and finally I left the channel with a wish:

<naked_ape> I hope to see Snorker in E2, just noding Where did you learn about Everything? he would get lots of votes!!!!!!! Good night!!!!
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