A book by Neil Strauss about his journey from short, balding, high pitch voiced twentysomething who had no luck with women to short, bald, high pitch voiced twentysomething who was successful with women.

The characters he describes, "Mystery", "Exoticoption", "Tyler Durden", are not always appealing but most of us (most of us men at any rate) can emphasize with their desire for a little more feminine attention. They congregate and share techniques for getting women to give up numbers, affection and yes, sex. The premise of most of the self styled pick up artists' theories is that men who suck up and try to please women by doing them favors or by trying to flatter them reveal themselves to be of low status and unworthy of attention. Only by withholding approval until after a woman has earned it can a man create attraction. Or so the pick up artists say.

It's an interesting read although not much of a how-to guide. One gets the feeling that it is a least in part a marketing vehicle for Strauss' friend Mystery's sex life consulting company, Social Dynamics. It is also prudent to view Strauss' claims of success with a certain skepticism, as men have been known to occasionally exagerate their accomplishments in this area.