Located in on Broad Street in Trenton, NJ, the Urban Word is an attractive cafe notable for its good food, large selection of wines and beer, and most of all for its live performances.

Open mic nights are Tuesday, with music, poetry, and other artistry of quality varying from questionable to brilliant, with enough real talent to hold you through the occasional ten minutes when you aren't so enthralled by the performers...

The architecture of the cafe itself utilizes its setting to full effect. It's located in an old area of Trenton full of decrepit old brick buildings, both industrial and rowhouses, and the interior of the cafe lets the oldest parts of the structure show through in places. Huge picture windows open onto the street, where, oddly enough, most of the passersby don't even bother to look in at the performers.

Being a recent immigrant from the Northwestern coffeehouse mecca of Portland, OR, I was delighted to find that they even serve real espresso! (a rarity in these parts).