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Hot Spring Junkies and the Troopers who Cite Them!

The decision was made several days ago, to drive out to McCready Hot Springs with a friend today, out Highway 58 in Lane County, OR.

Not far down the highway were two late '60's Chevrolet Caprices, one fastback coupe in decent shape and a rough-looking convertible. They are for sale if anyone wants them...

At or around SR 58 MP 15, near Dexter Lake and the reservoir, a tool of the robber barons swooped down upon me and demanded a week's pay as penance for my exuberant velocity. Despite this inconvenient declaration of war against my person, I was determined to treat the incident in a Zen-like fashion. Calmness and stoicity ruled the day.

The springs (located 40 miles off I-5) were marvelous. About a dozen people wandered in and out during the 2-3 hours we spent there... the water was toasty and invigorating. The river is still snowmelt, so it's good for quick plunges but not for swimming... the lower Cascades were covered with a blanket of snow.

We received word that an acquaintance was still living in the area, off in the woods somewhere - a fellow soaker told us that she had been at the springs the day previously. Small world...